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Facials, Acne & Chemical Peels

Facials for Teens

While an adult might require a facial to whittle away the visible signs of stress so as to make their skin look and feel younger and healthier, teens require facials to nourish their skin, give it a healthy glow, and balance out the hormonal changes that their bodies are going through.

To keep blackheads and breakouts under control; we have over the years seen if there is less to prick, you will be happier to keep your fingers away from the odd spot that appears.

We are also able to alert parents to changes we think they can have a look at.

  • High-frequency pimple zapping that kills bacteria.
  • We also offer chemical peels that dissolve oily buildup in pores and suppress inflammation. Did you know that Beta peels are made from good old aspirin which addresses inflammation, leaving you with a face thats much less red! No one likes a red face.
  • LED lights to speed up healing.
  • Facials for special events.
  • Laser genesis + IPL for those larger and painfull pimples that keep coming back in the same spot.

We can put together the best solution for your skin needs. We offer a wide variety of products from tried and tested skin care providers. You often need way less than you think.

Starving an oily face of moisturiser is not the answer to clear skin.

We can also help with back and chest acne.

Stay away from 5 minute hacks.

Other Teenager Treatments We Offer

Removal of body hair is essential to maintain healthy hygiene habits for teens of all ages

We truly believe that your brows frame your face and help enhance beauty and accentuate your personality without makeup

Healthy beautiful skin starts here...

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