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Mesotherapy is the introduction of serum into the skin at different depths. We make use of redermalisation and meso skin.

Mesotherapy uses a new generation injection medicine Xela Rederm® that influences all the skin aging mechanisms and provides a strong complex anti-age effect.

Succinate is an extremely important medicine component that in combination with hyaluronic acid restores and revitalizes the skin on both tissue and cellular and intra-cellular level.

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It’s the method that is used for chrono- and photoaging prevention.
It’s the method that is effective against the aging signs that have already appeared.
It’s the method that protects your skin from premature aging.

  • No significant contra indications
  • Easy procedure to do, max 20-25min on entire face or shorter on smaller areas
  • No downtime!
  • No Needless!
  • No pain
  • Penetration to 1.1mm dermis

Meso skin is also known as “electro poration”. The Electroporation process sends short controlled pulses of a low current to the treated area which temporarily disrupts the cell membrane which allows products to easily penetrate deeper into your skin.

  • Acne treatments (we use fresh mixture of micronized benzoyl peroxide plus recovery serum based on growth factors 80/20%)
  • Pigmentation treatments (great after chemical peel straight forward- we use 2 anti-pigmentation treatments which we use and I attach some info)
  • Photo damage (various options available)
  • Botox (soft features)
  • Fillers (various)
  • PRP – plasma treatments. And can be mixed with growth factors (aesthet recovery serum can be used)
  • Hair growth (various options available)

Say hallo to healthier, brighter, more elastic skin that has better texture with lifting effect.

Preparation Formula Medical Complex: Succinate + Hyaluronic Acid
Mechanism of action
Influences all the aging pathogenic mechanisms:
Metabolic processes activation and recovery; Strong antioxidant influence; Fluid balance recovery.
Application points
Fibroblasts – major skin cells; Derma amorphous substance.
Fibroblast stimulation
Two Ways:
Direct succinate impact on fibroblast mitochondria; Indirect injection needle impact on fibroblast.
Morpho-physiological research proves that: Fibroblast activation (direct impact on mitochondria) is 3 times bigger than after HA monocomponent medications.
Cell (fibroblast) revitalization and their death prevention; Intercellular derma matrix restoration.
Skin rejuvenation by means of its restoration and revitalization. Young healthy skin; Better complexion; Better skin relief and texture; Less wrinkle depth and size; Skin lifting; Pigmentation removal; Neoplasm prevention.

A new generation with Xela Rederm®

It’s a unique succinate and hyaluronic acid combination influencing all the skin aging mechanisms and allowing to achieve a strong complex anti-age effect.

Unique Succinate

Succinate is an extremely important medication component that in combination with hyaluronic acid restores and revitalizes the skin on both the tissue and cellular and intercellular level.

Succinate is a natural metabolite that has a strong antioxidant effect, eliminates free radicals, intensifies microcirculation, influences on fibroblast mitochondria and activates the natural healthy cellular metabolism. Succinate makes the skin cells work and depresses the processes resulting into the skin cells destruction.

Succinate (succinic or butanediodic acid):

  • Restores and activates the skin metabolic processes;
  • Stimulates fibroblast (the major skin cells) proliferation (mitosis);
  • Activates the synthesis of the major skin structure proteins like collagen and elastine;
  • Activates the power supply of the cells;
  • Activates the cell and tissue respiration;
  • Provides a strong antioxidant effect: prevents the skin cell destruction and influences free radicals;
  • Improves microcirculation.

Hyaluronic acid humidifies the skin and recovers the fluid balance.

It is widely known that metabolic processes in the skin cells are prone to depression and retardation with aging: we can see the visible aging changes.

Xela Rederm® recovers the natural healthy cell metabolism, power potential, and healthy skin cell condition.

Xela Rederm® recovers the depressed internal resources activating them in a natural way like in the skin cells of a biologically young person. Thus, succinate influence improves the skin cell metabolism for long supporting strong anti-age effect; your skin looks beautiful and healthy.

As a result, the complex high-efficient approach to rejuvenation and skin aging slowdown is implemented by means of the maximum humidifying and revitalization and antioxidant effect, effective influence on the skin metabolism. Thus, the skin gets healthier, brighter, more elastic, has better texture, and enhanced lifting effect.

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