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Cosmelan Peel

The Cosmelan MD Depigmentation Treatment consists of two phases. It is imperative that both be used according to the direction to achieve complete success.

Cosmelan MD Depigmentation Treatment offers a non-invasive depigmentation action for all skin types. Highly effective for all kinds of hyperpigmentation (Melasma, Chloasma, Sun damage and Post inflammatory pigmentation).

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Initially, the skin may be red and itchy with a burning and tightening sensation. Some may experience swelling for up to 3 – 4 days. To relieve such symptoms, apply Melan Recovery or the Anti-stress Mask whenever necessary.

Skin may stay red for a long time, especially sensitive skin. In some cases, redness may be seen as darkening of the skin – do not be alarmed at this. Flaking is to be expected, more intensely in photo types l and ll. To relieve this, apply Melan Recovery every 2 hours until it improves. Do not pull on, rub or scratch the flakes. Do not use exfoliants, scrubs or peels and avoid steam baths, hot springs and saunas for 2 weeks.

1st Month
  • 5-7 days after the Cosmelan mask treatment, start to apply Cosmelan 2 cream three times per day: morning, mid-day and night. If the skin is too sensitive apply morning and night only, until skin settles.
  • Apply Melan Recovery cream 15 min after and on top
    of the cosmelan 2 cream.
  • Sunblock to be applied 4 – 6 times during the day.
    Apply 10 minutes after Melan Recovery.
  • Consult your skin care professional for a check-up.
2nd & 3rd Month
  • Apply Cosmelan 2 cream morning and night.
  • Continue to apply Melan Recovery 15min after
    Cosmelan 2, or more often as needed.
  • Apply sunblock at least 4 – 6 times a day.
4th Month Onwards
  • Continue one daily application.

The period following the initial 6 month treatment is called the stabilisation period and this is the most risky period. You assume that you’re done with the treatment, but this isn’t true, as pigmentation needs to be managed for life.

It’s very important to keep applying a very good sunblock 4 – 6 times a day and to stay out of harsh sun as your skin is extremely vulnerable. After completion of the cosmelan method, wait at least 2 months before resuming alternative pigment treatments: This includes IPL, Laser, TCA chemical peels.

  • Hydra-Milk Cleanser or Facial Gel Cleanser
  • Hydratonic
  • Aox Ferulic
    advanced antioxidant protection against external aggressions
  • Melan Recovery
    the recommended moisturizer to be used with cosmelan
  • Fast Skin Repair
    highly moisturizing and nourishing and reduces inflammation
  • Couperend Maintenance Cream
    for prolonged redness, especially in sensitive skins
  • Hydra Vital face mask
    intensive moisturising and revitalizing mask
  • Anti-stress face mask
    soothing, nourishing and decongestive effect
  • Hydra Vital Factor K
    ultra-moisturising cream to restore the skin’s hydro-lipid layer
  • Regenerance Active
    recommended moisturiser for sensitive skin
  • Mesoprotech Melan 103+ Pigment control
    highly recommended for continuous use

The Benefits

  • Very effective in all types of melasma
  • Rapid and easy depigmentation action
  • Compatible with all skin types (Fitzpatrick IV)
  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Treatment can be used all year round
  • Beneficial for acne patients
  • High safety margin

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