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Grooming of Eyes, Nose and Ears

Gorgeous eyes need to be seen.

We can shape the brows – not to look feminine – but to remove the crowded professor look. We remove the fluff on your cheek bones too.

Our Micro Blading specialist is the very talented brow guru Angelica Annetts. Angelica is passionate about brows and takes extreme care when shaping, tinting and advising you how to keep them looking perfect she is indeed a true artist and her work can be found on Instagram # Somalogiclaserclinic.

We wax nose hair too. With the quick flick of wax those are sorted for a month.

Nothing gives away your age as ear hair does.

Other Treatments We Offer

Males usually accumulate excess fat around their belly, back, and internal organs. The HCG diet plan addresses exactly that unhealthy weight.