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Facials are both a luxury and necessity. They allow you some time to relax and pamper yourself while giving you glowing, healthy skin at the same time. At Somalogic Laser Clinic, we believe that getting a facial every month is the most effective way to get and maintain the skin you love.

This is especially useful for teenagers. It assists in building a natural selfcare routine and aids in indentifying skin issues early on before they escalate into problems.

In the time between facials, your skin is exposed to sunlight, environmental pollutants, oils, and other aging toxins, which can leave your skin layered with toxins, blackheads, acne, pigmented areas, and dying cells that are ready to be exfoliated off.

When you come in for a facial, your esthetician will address the specific needs of your skin, so you can brighten pigmented areas, exfoliate dead and sun-damaged skin, extract blackheads and acne, and apply antioxidants to help revive oxidized skin.

While being pampered and cared for, you also have the opportunity to chat with your skincare professional about how to care for your skin at home. She will make recommendations of which products will be best for your skin. So, not only are you able to remove layers of troubled cells and continue targeting them with every subsequent facial, but also you are equipped to care for your skin at home, so you can move your skin toward your goals, and ultimately achieve your dream skin!

"Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle." - Erno Laszlo

Other Treatments We Offer

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Waxing at the clinic is safe and smooth, making your experience worth your while. Think Before You Wax!

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