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Manicures & Pedicures

For men, the wild world of pedicures can be an incredibly scary place. It’s rather simple, really. Just call and book an appointment. Exclusive and private you won’t have people looking at you all suited up with bare feet. With a dedicated pedicure room, you can carry on working while your feet are being taken care of.

At Somalogic Laser Clinic we offer foot peels, pedicures,  and manicures for the busy professional guy. To put you at ease please read below for some basics on what to expect when you arrive for a manicure, pedicure, and/or foot peel.

What exactly is a pedicure?

Per Google, a pedicure is defined as “a cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails.” Much like a manicure (for the hands), a pedicure is at face value just a process of making your feet look more aesthetically pleasing.

Cuticles should be maintained for many reasons:

  • keeps your nails strong.
  • allows for your toenail to grow straight and prevent infection

During a pedicure, your toenails are clipped and cuticles are trimmed, with protective oils added to your nail beds to prevent fungus. This keeps your toenails clean and tear-free.

Ciao, Calluses!

A foot peel takes care of calluses without the endless buffing.

  • The peel is applied and left on for a few minutes.
  • Thereafter, the excess skin is wiped away and the feet are lightly buffed.

Depending on whether you’re ticklish this can be the funniest moment of your pedicure, but one thing it won’t be is painful.

Just a note to runners: a degree of callusing is necessary on your feet to absorb some of the shock when you run. If calluses grow too thick, they can crack and become infected, but no calluses at all can make for a painful next run. While you’re at your pedicure, just request a slight removal of your calluses.


View our selection of Hand & Foot Treatments

Treatment Price Est Time
Mini Manicure
(File, buff, cuticle work)
Full Manicure / Spa Manicure
(File, buff, cuticle work, scrub, message & paint)
Full Pedicure / Spa Pedicure
(File, buff, cuticle work, foot peel, message & gel toes)
1h 15min
Medical Foot Peel
(An effective foot peel, which works well to remove dead skin cells)

Hand massages or foot massages is included in all spa treatments.