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Acnelan® Medical Treatment

A professional medical method for the intensive treatment of acne-prone and seborrheic skins.

For easy, effective and quick control of acne-prone and moderate seborrheic skin, mesoestetic presents acnelan®. It offers a cross-cutting approach to address the various factors that trigger the disease, combining an intensive clinical treatment for professional use with a home maintenance treatment and offering a complete line of products.

At the heart of the product line’s formulation lies the innovative m.acne complex™, a unique patented combination of active ingredients selected specifically to work in synergy. The formula contains salicylic acid, mandelic acid and sodium lepargilate, which combined with the exclusive bexaretinyl complex have a unique synergistic action that produces deep cleansing and renewal of acne-prone and seborrheic skin. The properties of m.acne complex™ have been studied at an in-vitro level, and they have shown to reduce redness and swelling in lesions, as well as to have a depigmentation effect on dark marks caused by acne.

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  • Decrease in sebum (oil) production
  • Inhibits the growth and reproduction of the strains making up the skin flora
  • Less redness and epidermal swelling
  • Lightening of post-acne hyperpigmentation (dark marks)
The Acnelan Peel offers an intensive treatment designed for the medical professional to treat acne-prone and seborrheic skin by deep cleansing blocked pores, effectively removing impurities and improving the overall skin texture and tone.
Acnelan delivers a cross-cutting solution to treat the numerous factors that trigger acne grades 0-3. This easy, quick and effective treatment targets the pilosebaceous units within the structure of the skin that are composed of the hair follicle and sebaceous gland.
It involves a combination of an intensive clinical treatment for professional use with a homecare treatment comprising a full range of Mesoestetic products.
  • 30 minute procedure time
  • Back to work immediately
  • No anesthesia required
  • Minimal downtime – flaking and sensitivity may last up to one week.

Step 1: Consultation

After a consultation with a medical professional, your medical history and suitability for the Acnelan treatment will be assessed.

Step 2: Clinical Treatment (three phases)

This intensive professional method deeply unblocks the pores of the skin, removes impurities, and improves the skin texture. The Acnelan in-clinic treatment pack contains products for three treatment sessions every 21 days.

Step 3: Home Treatment

To optimise the results of the professional treatments, home maintenance between sessions is essential.
You will be provided with all the Acnelan homecare products. The day after the treatment you will experience a sensation of heat, slight redness and some itchiness. Over the next few days your skin will begin to peel, shedding all unwanted dead skin cells leaving you with a smoother, clearer complexion.

Products: Purifying mousse, Acne one, Pure renewing mask.

“The Acnelan Treatment has been really amazing for my skin. It controls my breakouts and gives me a fresh and glowing skin for at least 3 weeks, the treatment is low maintenance and fits easily into my regular routine: cleanser, day cream, sunblock and night cream. I’ll admit it wasn’t the most comfortable treatment to have, but so worth the results”

Jenny Holbak

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