Look years younger and fresher with a Liquid Facelift, how you may ask!

With the careful use of liquid fillers and injectable products like Botox® to relax or lift certain muscles to restore volume and reduce unwanted angry lines you don’t need unnecessary surgery.

What area does it address?
If you have mild jowls or suffer from the typical effects of middle-age, including vertical lip lines, volume loss, lines along the sides of your nose and chin or crow’s feet, then you should experience great benefits from a liquid facelift. Dark flat patches under your eyes is the reason why people keep asking you look so tired are you sick?? These respond wonderfully to the liquid facelift.

Liquid Face Lift
And the cost?
Typically one could budget on around R6 500 – R8 500.

Remember the results are not permanent but well worth the result for the next 12 months.

Botox lasts for 3 months but the initial cost typically includes the second round of botox®.

Liquid Facelift
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