Waxing available at Somalogic Laser Clinic

What makes the wax we use better than the rest?

Well the mere fact that it has passed our strict product requirement standard should put your mind at easy, Somalogic only makes the best of the best available to our clients , because you are the best!!

First of all Naked Cherry wax is made in South Africa and one of the most effective Wax Products on the market removing all hair types. We like to support local J. The know how and technical aspects of the product hails from all over the globe.

Naked Cherry not only provides hair removal but has incorporated the use of therapeutic aromatherapy to their products providing you a more relaxed, invigorating environment in a situation that usually would be very stressful.

We follow strict guidelines set out by the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology, disposable gloves are always worn, disposable paper bed roll is always used and disposable spatulas which are never double dipped for any treatments.

Some benefits of Naked Cherry

  • comfortably cool
  • reduced drag
  • always remains pliable
  • sensitive skin and hypoallergenic tested
Naked Cherry also provide a home support system to keep you smooth and hydrated in between your wax treatments

Our complete waxing focused skincare range for men and women. Beautifullyaromatherapy inspired, focus on exfoliation and nourishment with natural antiseptics to banish ingrowns leaving your skin smooth and gorgeous.


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