Every morning, wash your face with either a gel or cream cleanser, that is made for your skin type. Cleansing first thing in the morning refreshes you by removing dull skin and impurities and oily build up.
Before you go to bed, wash your face to prevent oil and other pore-clogging bacteria from sitting on your face all night.

Wash your face in the shower or splash

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As you apply the face wash, gently rub in circles. When you’re done, rinse with cool water to close the pores and then pat dry.

After washing, your face should feel clean, but not too clean or tight. Tightness is a sign of excessively dry skin – which can cause irritation, acne, premature wrinkles, and excess oil production.

You wouldn’t put diesel in a petrol tank, would you? So why use the incorrect product and cause undue harm to one of your biggest asset, your face?


Washing your face more than twice a day is completely unnecessary. We’re talking to you, guys with oily skin. Over-washing sets your sebum glands (the skin’s oil glands) to go into overdrive, creating excess oil.

Some guys may ask why we didn’t suggest using toner post-wash.
If you use an appropriate face wash for your skin type, a toner is really unnecessary.



Scrubbing (exfoliating) your face should be done 1 – 3 times a week after cleansing your face, depending on your skin type. Guys with oily-type skin should exfoliate more often, while men with sensitive/dry skin less often.

An appropriate facial scrub is an extremely versatile product – not only is it important to a skin care regimen, but it’s the secret weapon you’ve been missing in your shave routine too. Exfoliators with enzymes are smooth while those with beads can also be used.

Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and other build up on your skin. That helps new, healthier skin cells reveal themselves, improving your complexion. Guys with oily skin probably don’t need to be told this, but the less build-up on your skin, the fewer clogged pores and breakouts you’ll have.

Before a shave, scrub the shave area. This discourages ingrown hairs and bumps. Not enough men take the time to prepare their skin before shaving.

You want your facial hair to be protruding as high above the skin as possible, allowing for a cleaner cut and preventing it from growing back into the skin. A men’s face scrub will do this.


Using a face scrub is a lot like using a face wash. Wet your face beforehand with warm water and use a small amount of scrub, gently rubbing in circles around your entire face (or shave area).

Focus on the nose, forehead, and neck. When done, rinse with cool water and pat your face dry.

Never use a scrub more than three times a week and only once a day. Guys have a tendency to go overboard with face scrub because it “feels like something is happening” when using it.

Take it easy – overusing a scrub can cause dryness, irritation, and excess oil production.



Hydrating the face, or moisturizing, is nothing more than applying cream to your skin.

Moisturizing offers a plethora of benefits: it makes the skin firmer, prevents water loss, prevents age spots and has an anti-aging effect.

As you age (even in your early 20’s), your skin’s cells can’t hold as much moisture as they used to – mostly because your body produces steadily fewer skin proteins called collagen.

Moisturizing delivers hydration and essential nutrients to skin cells so you can continue to look fresh, youthful, and healthy.


After washing or scrubbing your face and thoroughly patting dry, apply a men’s face moisturizer over your entire face. Take special care to hydrate around the forehead and eyes.

You only need a little bit of product .If you have dry skin, you may need to reapply a small amount again in the evening. Guys with oily skin – don’t skip the hydration step.

Using just a small amount of face moisturizer every day will keep oil in check and reduce blemishes.



What’s the easiest way to have great looking skin your entire life? Prevention. Unfortunately, most guys think of their skin last when it comes to overall physical health.

Preventing skin issues starts with protecting yourself from the sun and fighting off the aging process.


SPF: Use sunscreen on all exposed parts of your skin. Nothing will age and damage your skin faster than the sun. Make sure to use sunscreen that has at least SPF 30.

Most sunscreens – even “natural” versions – are made with some pretty suspect chemicals and ingredients. They also leave you looking ghostly white or grey. At Somalogic laser clinic we will guide to through that mine field to an oil free non shiny option.

Eye Cream: Like to stay up late? Often have dark circles or bags under your eyes? Eye cream iss your secret weapon to looking good.

Bags and dark circles accumulate around the eyes when you don’t get enough sleep. Some people have a genetic tendancy but there is help out there for those cases to. t Puffiness and dark circles. – Allergies often add to the problem.

Eye cream ingredients stimulate the area around the eyes, reducing puffiness and fluid build-up. The best eye creams for men contain caffeine; usually in a serum or gel base, it’s an incredible stimulant that drains blood back into the body.

Anti Aging Cream: We recommend using a Peptide formulation from age 30 up.every night before you go to bed. Why use it at night? Your body repairs itself as you sleep, so applying anti-aging cream at this time works with the body’s natural restorative process.

Hesitant to let the world know you care about aging? No worries – using an anti-aging cream or lotion at night keeps it between just you and your pillows!

Skin care doesn’t need to be complicated. With as little as three products, you can have a powerful skin care routine.
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