What is Hyperhidrosis?

HyperhidrosisThe excessive sweating associated with hyperhidrosis is normally most active in the hands, feet, armpits, and the groin because of their relatively high concentration of sweat glands.
You get two types:

1. Focal hyperhidrosis: When the excessive sweating is localized. For example, palmoplantar hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating of the palms and soles. Although most often help is seeked for under arms.

2. Generalized hyperhidrosis: Excessive sweating affects the entire body.

The condition can be due to an underlying health condition, or have no apparent cause:
  • Primary idiopathic hyperhidrosis: Usually when it is localized it is "Idiopathic" means "of unknown cause."
  • Secondary hyperhidrosis: The person sweats too much because of an underlying health condition, such as obesity, gout, menopause, a tumor, mercury poisoning, diabetes mellitus, or hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid gland).
Fortunately, there are several options which can treat symptoms effectively. At Somalogic Laser Clinic we offer Botox injections and this is very successfully used.
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