6 Beauty Treatments Women Want Men To Do Regularly – well groomed is ubmens-beauty-treatment-graphicer sexy!

Outside of using a razor or electric shaver, many guys don't take their beauty routines all that seriously. At best some guys apply gel to their hair and out the door they go. What strikes as as ambiguous is that these same guys want to be seen as well groomed and appealing to others. They may get away with it in their 20”s but rest assured after that it will catch up with them.


We asked members of Somalogic Facebook and Instagram communities to sound off on the beauty treatments they wish their husbands, fathers, friends, or sons would do more regularly. Unsurprisingly, concerns about grooming and skincare protection topped the list.

1. Trim long nose and ear hairs

It's pretty hard to carry on a conversation when you can't focus on what someone is saying because their ear and nose hair moves with every word they say. The answer to this is either Laser hair removal which is more permanent or short term solutions like waxing or sugaring to remove the hair.

2. Clean up unruly eyebrows

Eyebrow grooming in no way will have your face look feminine, perfectly shaped masculine eyebrows are HOT! Eyebrow frame your eyes and really give so much to the face when neatly groomed. The older guys will know that the hair can get so long it starts curling in all directions. Remember your wife didn’t marry you with them that way so do a little effort!

3. Exfoliate

Guys you have testosterone and this results in oilier skin which shows up in large pores on your face. Again exfoliating wount have you looking like wax it will have you look clean and well groomed with clearer brighter and youthful looking skin.

4. Apply daily moisturizer and sunscreen

Men can easily hydrate and protect their skin by applying a moisturizer with SPF. Done and done.

5. Excessive under arm sweating – get it sorted

This is a very common problem amongst men ans an annual round of Botox injections will sort that problem for an entire year.6. Take better care of nails and feet Masculine yet manicured nails of your hands and feet look healthy, youthful and appealing. No one likes to have their face and or clothing rasped with grater hands and feet. It takes a relaxing hour every second month, come on try it and see the response at home.
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