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Ask your therapist for the latest package deals availbale.
Most cosmeceutial companies have designed their own custom peels made up of a combination of all the acids available for cosmetic use, and named them accordingly. So it is often impossible to know what a peel would do for you if you only look at its name. it is important to consult with the therapist so that a clear history of treatments and existing conditions can be taken. Based on your need we at Somalogic Laser clinic will advise you on the best treatment to arrive at your desired result.

It is important that you have a trusting relationship with your therapist so that you are able to openly communicate what you experience during and after a peel. At Somalogic we know that one plan of action most certainly does not suit everyone, in fact we prefer to custom design everyone’s “ peel bouquet “
In order for us to truly customize a treatment plan for our clients it is important that our clients be made aware of the fact that we have not decided to go with one particular brand as almost all the brands out there have a product or two that is amazing. At Somalogic we are always out testing (on ourselves) and looking to see what’s out there.

See All our different Chemical Treatments Below:

Acid Peels:
- Glycolic Acid Peel
- Salocylic Acid Peel
- Mandelic Acid Peel
- TCA Peel
- Lactic Acid Peel

Specialised Peels:
- Miami Pigmentation
- Jessner Peel
- VI Skin Peel

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