We follow strict guidelines set out by the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology on Waxing, take a look below at a few things we do.

No double dipping

Double dipping is when a therapist uses the same spatula for a hot wax treatment, that means that any skin infection or dirt could possibly be transferred back to the hot wax pot. Now imagine how many people have been waxed before you using the same wax pot ! its dangerous, unsanitary and disgusting and the warm pot provides the perfect environment for bacteria to multiply.

At NakedCherry we never double dip, each side of the wooden spatula is used once and then thrown away.


Our therapists always wear gloves, and these gloves are changed for every treatment. During waxing your skin is very susceptible to infection, and any bacteria on the therapists hands will easily make it to your skin if no gloves are worn. If you think about it, did they wash their hands before your treatment ? did they touch s0mething dirty like a mobile phone ?
Never take that chance, you’re worth more than that

Bed Covers

Do you really think that towel you’re lying on is fresh? You can bet that its the same towel every person before you has been lying on and who knows maybe all week. Dirt, bacteria and other nasty things can easily transfer to the towel, this is the same towel that you lie naked on, the same towel where blood transfer can occur (waxing can sometimes create skin blood spots where the hair came out).

Do you really want to take that chance ? At NakedCherry we place a fresh paper towel over the entire bed before every treatment.

Think Before You Wax
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